>Korean-Indonesia Friendship Festival


Korean-Indonesia Friendship Festival

Copy paste from Arirangworld on Facebook

2010 Specialties to Indonesian club
Catch! the CLOSER stage
   You can receive the ticket by becoming Arirang fanclub members on facebook.
   Please leave your information (name, age, gender, phone number) to
   the email address written below. First 300 people only.
   – Ticket receipt location: Will be notified on Arirangworld facebook separately
   – arirangFC@arirangtv.com
 Inviting “Korean-Indonesian Friendship Festival”
   – Date: October 12th / 19:30~21:25
   – Location: Sniyan Tennis Court
   – Organization: Arirang
   – Main performers: Padepokam Bagong Kusudiarjo, Shinee (singer),
     Sonhoyong (singer), Gujunyup (singer), Naomi (singer), etc
You can see the original posting from Arirangworld–> Here
Woow, send email to arirangFC@arirangtv.com
Hopefuly we are one of the 300 lucky people.
SHINee comes to Indonesia, DAEBAK !!! ^^~

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