Walking in a rainy day

That day, I was walking in a rainy day. Walking all alone.
Fortunately, it wasn’t a heavy rain * Since I have rain phobia *
That day remains of one of my high school days. I was in the 1st grade.
A girl whose height in average was walking home, worried a lot if the rain comes before she got home.

It was 4 pm. She and her friend were still in small talk, passed a small bridge when the rain comes, as fast as the thought.
Her friend quickly said goodbye and turn different way with her.

She ran as fast as she can. Her eyes can’t stop watchin people around her. She saw women who picked their wet clothes in hurry, some merchants who ran with their cart. Children ran to their home. Those made her worry.

She crossed the way, still ran when she decided to wear her hat. Hat that she got from her school when the first time she entered the school. She turned into another way that she thought it’ll make her journey shorter.
walked a long, small way in crowded. Met so many people who are trapped by the rain just as her.

She had to walk a little longer when the rain became very heavy, the thunderbolt every second. She was getting scared of the situation. Hopefully her home was just three steps far, so she could easily reach her home. But in fact, she had to walk so many steps before.
It became a thunderstorm, she was very afraid and decided to stop in front of an empty house. Her body was shivering, her heart’s beat pumped so strong.
Her clothes wet and heavy, her shoes couldn’t hold  the water any longer. She was wet all the way.

10 minutes passed.It was still the thunderstorm, but not as heavy as before. She was so afraid, so she decided to ran. Got home as soon as possible was her main goal. She didn’t care with her wet clothes or shoes anymore. She ran as fast as she could.
Almost cry when she finally got home.
“Thanks God. I’m wet all the way.” cried her before she walked into the home.

But this moment, it was different.
I’m not that afraid with the rain. Yeah! Actually I’m afraid of heavy, windy rain, and thunderbolt. But I think I’m all grown up. I can handle my phobia better.
And walking in the rain is an interesting thing. You can see what people do during the rain. There are so many funny activities you can see.
Or seeing children with their raincoat is a lil’ bit fun. Really! They are so cute.

Someday, I hope I’ll walk in the rain with you.
With an umbrella, you hold my hand. Make sure that I’m safe and comfortable along our walk….
So that, I’m gonna love to walk in the rain with you everyday 😀



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