What does slim mean for you?

girl on cakeSo, what does slim mean for you?
Slim is an adjective which means not fat or thick; slender. (Oxford Learner Dictionary)
People indicate whether  a person is slim or not by counting her/his ideal weight. Common formula to count someone’s ideal weight is HEIGHT – 110.
So, if your height is 160cm, it means your ideal weight is 160-110 = 50kg.
But in fact, someone whose height is 160cm doesn’t always slim.

For me, slim becomes a thing which has different meaning from ideal.
I confess that my point of view of what slim is has been influenced by Korean wave. I bet you guys experience the same thing.
Yup! Since the day I know Kpop, my point of view of slim has been change a lot!
I see that every member of Boybands/ Girlbands has a very good body shape. Everyone who sees their bodies will love to be them. A very good shape of body, so you can wear any kind of clothes. You’ll look perfect in every suit you supposed to.

healthy livingWell, I confess that I’ve got problem with weight. It’s a common thing where  women obsess in losing their weight, and I’m one of them. I’ve been in that obsession since 2010. It’s already two years, and getting closer to three years. When I was a teenager, my problem was in increasing weight. I’ve super slim body. I ate a lot, much than my friends whose weight heavier than me. But in fact, it was very hard for me to gain weight. I ate and ate every time, even when I didn’t hungry. And my weight was still under normal. My friends called me a super skinny girl.
Oh! I confess that I loved diet during my teenager days. But, it wasn’t a real diet. It was just times where you didn’t eat properly, when you didn’t eat rice.

Late 2008, my body became skinnier. Actually I love being skinny, but I didn’t really enjoy my skinny days. I just think that it was normal, since I live with skinny body for long time. I didn’t think that I’m special just because I’m skinny.

In the beginning of 2010, My hormone is activated. I gain weight and I got lots of acnes in my face. I gain 6kg on 4monts. It’s so AMAZING!!! I was very happy for the first 2kg that I gained. But, when the remaining 4kg followed, it’s a DISASTER!
Since that day, It’s not easy for me to lose weight. I tried any kind of diet for two years. I lose 4kg, but it’s very easy to gain 5kg.
Any kind of diet brings me to the result that I’ll gain more weight if I stop the programme. It isn’t effective at all.
Oh! My friend even told me that I got a disease that they called ‘anorexia’ when I drank diet milk.

I read so many articles and books which explain about best diet strategies. From Blood type diet strategy to South Beach diet strategy. Oh! have ya ever heard what South beach diet is? It’s an amazing strategy, I think. It promises to lose your weight up to 6kg in 2 weeks only. But it’s risky! People called it with forever diet. After two weeks of your south beach diet, you’ve to maintain your weight by following south beach diet rule. And if you break the rule, you’ll back to your previous weight or even more!

So, go back to the topic. My point of view of slim has been influenced by Kpop. What does slim mean for me is a situation where my body shape is as skinny as the Kpop idol. I don’t know, but every time I see Kpop Idols, I think they have perfect bodies! They are slilm!
Remembering last week, when I met my friend- Mia. She asked me,

Have you recover from your enteritis? You look skinnier than the last time we met. Really! you look skinnier!

Actually, I’m very happy that Mia told me I’m skinny. But in fact, I don’t think that I’m already skinny. I need to lose my weight a little more to get the word ‘skinny’. Mia added

You are already skinny, Cha! What is your goal in doing diet or any kind of things which brings you to lose your weight? Just see me or others as the standard whether you are already slim or not! Just don’t see those Kpop Idols. They’re fucking skinny! It isn’t good for you!

I dunno, it maybe true that I still fat or maybe not. But, the meaning of slim for me is the situation when you think that you are slim. It isn’t depending on your ideal weight by using formulae HEIGHT – 110 , It’s not the situation where your friends tell you that you look skinny or lose weight. But it’s a situation when you think you are already slim, when you confident with your body shape. Yeah! It’s slim for me.

Slim is when mirror reflects a figure with slim legs, slim thigh, slim belly, and amazing boobs size. It is when every girl loves to be you. So, correct me if I’m wrong.

-NJ- Dec 10th, 2012-


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