Childhood never die

It's empty and cold without you hereChildhood never die!
Yup! have you ever heard the sentence

Childhood is a place where nobody dies.

During childhood, I believe that everybody was very happy. I mean, we don’t have to think about something risky and destroys our mood. When we were children, We had so many unpleasant things. Have not money to buy cotton candy, for instance. But in fact, it was another thing from what we called with problem today.

Well, I’m not going to talk about childhood or maybe my childhood memories.
But, I’m going to share my experience 😀
Yesterday, Kiki and I went to a pleasant place. Full of green, and refresh our mind.
Yup! We went to Maribaya, Lembang. For those who live out from Bandung. Someday, you’ve to figure out how green Bandung is by visiting Maribaya, Lembang.
Maribaya, Lembang is one of tourism site in Bandung. It offers you natural landscape and waterfall. And there is hiking track for those who love hiking.
The hiking track has 5km far, and it leads you to Goa Belanda and Jepang. It’s a good news that you are walking 10km if you walk from Maribaya to Goa Belanda/Jepang and you go back to Maribaya.kekek.
You’ll lose your weight quickly for sure!

We were entering the place from Maribaya gate. It’s a pity that in fact our destination is Goa Belanda/Jepang. It means that we had to walk 10km. Firstly, it wasn’t a matter since both of us love hiking. But the weather is the thing that we couldn’t handle. The rain brought us back to Maribaya after we walked for 2km.

Here the things that we found very interesting during our walk.
One thing for sure, every time you look around,  you’ll see green. It refreshes your eyes and mind. This is recommended place for you who feels bored and stress.


Hiking track

Green-2Green-3We found lot of bugs and oh! you don’t have to be panic if you find apes there. Just be careful, make sure you don’t disturb them ^^v

Oh! I almost forget that we found a hilarious fish pond *since we saw fishes there* with hilarious statues. Really! I bet you’ll burst into laughter when you see the statues.

This is made my day

.hha. Look at the second picture! we burst into laughter when we saw this. This is kind of porn, I think. I don’t know what’s on the statues maker when he made it. LoL

We continued our journey by following the long path. Then, we reached Curug *waterfall* Omas after walked for 200m.
The waterfall made a noisy sound that beats our heart.hha. Since we both have Acrophobia, we didn’t spend much time there. Just take some pictures and continued our journey.
at Curug Omas
Our next check point was The crack of Lembang. The crack of Lembang is result from hill cracked. It must be a whole hill before the disaster *crack* happened, and it leaves a beautiful landscape so called The crack of Lembang. There is a bridge there, where you can see a beautiful landscape. The crack from this bridge is higher than another crack. So, it’ll be the best place to see the scenery. Wonderful! Beautiful scenery from a disaster, who ever think about it?
The crack of LembangDSC01216DSC01221Excited with the crack of Lembang, we continued our walk. Then our next check point is a traditional shower. It made of bamboo which is attached into soil. Then the water, a very natural water flows from the soil. Really! You’ve to feel the water. It’s cold and fresh. I washed my hands and face. And it leaves me a refresh effect. You’re gonna love it!
DSC01223DSC01226Oh! and something gained our attention. This tree fell down, it’s due to the bad weather.
But it looks nice for me!
DSC01228Next check point is a giant stone. There was a grotto *I’m not sure whether grotto is a common verb to describe the thing. It’s like Pendopo, where you can sit and take a rest.
We took a rest there, and ate our supplies. Just bread with chocolate and cheese flavor, happytos, crackers, chocolate candy, and drink water.
It took ten minutes if I’m not mistaken.

We were about to continue our walk when we heard the thunder. unfortunately, we couldn’t handle this one. We turn back and decided to end our walk. what a pity!It needs an hour to go back to Maribaya gate. It was a good news that the rain didn’t pour down earth before we reached the gate.
We were very close to the gate and the rain still on the cloud.
We found play area for children. Really! even our age are not children anymore, we couldn’t handle ourselves from playing this swinging.
Yeah!! I love it sooo much!

childhood never die

How do I look? Kiki said I’m cute in this pict.kekekek.

This is amusing, right! We didn’t know how long we spent time there, just to get swing and scream hilarious. Really! It was so fun.
We were in the middle of our craziness when the the rain finally fell down. We quickly run to the gate and ready to go home when the rain became heavy. Yeah! It was a heavy rain. we went back to the area and fond a stage *it must be use if the local citizen have an event to show*, we took shelter there and waited.
Decided to go home when the rain is gone.
Yeay! It was fun, I need to go there again.
I feel like go back to my childhood, where there is no problem, where the things that I have to do is playing and laughing, where I think that I’m a little monkey who can run and swing here and there.

Before we were home, we took lot selcas. Oh! Fyi, Kiki and I love to take selca, recently. We don’t know, every time we have selca, the light is always good and our faces look bright and flawless.kekekek. Kiki said that we have something that reflects the light when we take selca.kekekek.

P.S : From those selcas and pictures of mine. I think I need to lose my weight harder. D’Oh! -_-a


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