Hug me…

117Hug me, please…

Hug me cause I fell so lonely,
Hug me cause I cry sadly,
Hug me cause I need you badly,

All of people in the world, all of human being, they must be have problems. Any kind of problem. It might be elementary student with how they survive to have good scores and good friends, or might be a father who thinks the way how to make money everyday, and might be a beggar who prays to live one day longer.
Everybody has problem, that’s how life goes on. Cause life without problem, is like Spongebob without Patrick. So flat…

And here I’m.
I’m crying for this situation. Regreting for what I’ve done- that I follow that desire.
Me, the only one I can blame.
I know there isn’t benefit for ‘crying over the split milk’. But still, the thing makes me cry. wanna cry a river, but it helps nothing.
That’s why I need a hug. A warm hug that makes me feel safe.
A friendly hug that I believe so much.

Dear God – My Lord, I do understand that it was a fault to suspend something for uncertain days. And I already know that it’s bad. I do regret for what I’ve done. I know that time is priceless. If I waste time for 1 second, that precious 1 second will not comeback.
And today, I promise myself to do better. Learn from what I’ve done. Never ever fall to the same hole.
I know that everything you give is the best for me. I know that you are already design a plot for me. Whether it is longer or shorter, with or without barriers, sooner or later. I know it’s the best for me, so that I learn at least a thing.

From now on, I do promise myself that there will not be ‘later’ anymore. Whatever it takes, I’ll face it. Walk with my own feet, talk with my own lips, and think with my own brain. Thanks God, you assist me wherever I’m.

NJ – 2013


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