I eat alot, and I think I gain weight

BibimbapIt has been a month and on the way to two months, my appetite is very very good. I’m hungry almost all day long. Don’t feel full enough after ate up my meals. Thinking that I need a little more. And it happens again and again. Promising myself that I’ll stop this habit and go back to my daily work out. But it’s failed! I continue this habit, again and again. There’s no doubt that I gain weight. Oh! I don’t even have an eye to see how heavy I’m >.<
Don’t know what’s happen with me. I know that this kind of thing happens once or twice a year. I’ll eat alot and easily gain weight. Then there will be days where I lost my appetite and lost weight at the same time. Oh! the time when I lost my appetite is always along the way with lost my life desire *okay, I’m kinda hyperbole here*

Oh! along with this post. Actually I wanna share with you the last fantastic, super, extra, big meal. Yap! As you can see in the picture above, it’s Bibimbap – Korean mixed rice.
BibimbapLemme tell you that yesterday My Mom and I went to grab some shopping. I myself felt hungry just hours after we arrived the mall. After we got shirt for my sister and trouser for my dad, we ordered meal at food court. Mommy decided to done with Mie ayam jamur, and I – who actually falling in love with well being Korean food- a bit confused to choose what is best to be eaten. Actually I want steak and fries, but then I realized that I ate too much days before and I’ve to change this bad habit.
So, I decided to order Bibimbap, it’s Korean mixed rice. I’m pretty sure that all of you already know this, this kind of food always appears in all of K-Drama or movie. And as you can see, the portion was very big. It’s enough for two persons I think. Yep! I was eating Bibimbap twice before this, and I never done it by myself.

Okay, lemme tell you that this Bibimbap I ordered from ‘Myeong-ga’ if I’m not mistaken. Served in hot bowl, a little bowl for the stock, an sauce.
Let’s take a look closer.
Bibimbap onlyA bowl of bibimbap contains on rice, vegetables,  fried egg with sesame and seaweed. Let’s take a look to what kind of vegetables there.
inside the bowlWell, you can see that there are spinach, sprouts, slice carrot, sliced turnip, and sliced Japanese cucumber. I myself didn’t find any other spices there, but the rice has special smell. Mommy told me the smell is similar with nasi liwet.hha.

StockThe stock itself contains of chopping meat, salty soy sauce, an sliced turnip. The taste is actually salty. I dunno whether it used to be eat alone or must be poured into the rice. But I myself poured the stock into rice to make it tasty and oily. Oh! I added the sauce for sure. There’s chopping meat in the sauce.
Then I mixed all of the things there.
And the result is….
Walla! Prepare yourself, please ^^v
Fowl rice! Cattle food! .hha. I’m pretty sure you know who said the things.kekekek.

Bibimbap is readyready

Looks kinda disgusting, right? .kekek. ^^v
Oh! I really ate them all by myself! .hha. Really, I’m full. Recommend this food if you are suffer.kekek. ^^
And this is done!! Yeah \(^o^)/
Done!Well then, dunno what’s happen. But this Bibimbap tasteless >.<
Fyi, I dunno write foo review. I write this and show you the detail of Bibimbap is just because I really wanna try to make Bibimbap at home.kekek. It looks pretty easy, right?
Gonna show you if I already make this. Ah! and I think Bibimbap is healthy food, good for your diet and balance nutrient 😉

Nah, after all of my big meals, after all of this good appetite, and after all of this gaining weight, I promise I’ll go back to my daily work out and lost weight. Yeah, this is bad for me who recently has to lost weight and dreaming of S line and abs -_-a


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