How much you’ve change?

girl in mirrorOnce upon a time, there is a little girl. She is cheerful, talkative, and playful. She runs here and there, jump here and there. Spreading laugh here and there. She is energetic, always smile and happy. Years after, she grows up. Becomes a teenager, not that beautiful, but she is cute. With her eye smiles, she spread happiness every place she walks in. She is very happy with her life, proud of being who she is. She has so many things to do, so many dreams to experience, so many friends to play around, and so many guys to be flirted.

One day, she is very tired of her full activities. The only thing on her thought is sleeping, rest her body for a while before she continues her cheerful, full activities. Then, she feels asleep easily, she sleep tightly, rest her body and thought. There are so many things wait for her, there are so many, so many. And she can’t wait for tomorrow. Morning comes, she wakes up. Feels that her body still need more rest. Thinking that she can’t sleep minutes more. Then she walks to bathroom, ready to shower her body, to freshness her sleepy face.  Like a coffee in the morning, pouring on her head. She finally gets all her consciousness, she walks into mirror. Can’t wait to see her fresh and young face. Thinking of how that terrible acnes look. But, there is thing more terrible than the acnes. She is surprise and frighten at the same time. She can’t believe who is in the mirror. It isn’t her, not! It is not actually not her. It is her, but different.

She can’t say anything. The image reflected in the mirror is not a youthful teenager with cute smile, it is an adult image with serious, unhappy face. She then comes closer, take a look at her reflection. “Is it me?” she asks sadly. The image reflects exactly same movement with her. She then cries, she can’t believe that time passes quickly. She doesn’t even realize that years have gone by only on an eye winking. She gets older, unconsciously. She doesn’t even have time to finish all her things, to meet all her friends before they are all older.

How sad is it? how sad of getting older that fast. It is when you wake up and realize that you are not teenager anymore, you are already an adult who have to be more responsible to every movement you done.

This story is not true mine. This is just my description of how fast time passing, how fast the clock ticking. It is like you close your eyes and open them quickly. Then, the time passes. The essential of this write is don’t waste your time because it will never come back again. You will experience January 1, 2013 once, even the next year you’ll see January 1, it’s not January 1,2013 anymore. It is exactly different!  Don’t postpone anything just because you are lazy or tired. Do your tasks as soon as possible, as long as you have time to finish it, and as long as you have time in this world. Because, when your time is up, you’ll regret that you leave your life unfinish.


Dear readers,

This morning, I found older pictures of mine. Then I compared with my present pictures. The result is amazing! I’ve change much, unconsciously. Then I was thinking of what I already done and what I already got. Really, I was thinking for hours and couldn’t get the answer. I was like just the same, even my physical appearance changes, I was that little brat girl. But soon, I realize that I’m not that young anymore, people will not treat me as that little brat anymore. I have so many responsible in my life, I have to choose my own life, to choose my own future, and decide which way I have to walk in. I was postponing so many things in my life, and I felt terrible. So, by writing this post. I just wanna share my thought with you about life and time. Hope my post gives you something to be learned.



8 thoughts on “How much you’ve change?

  1. Gambarnya narik2 buat baca story nya, bikin otakku berhipotesis macem2 sebelum baca. Pesan moralnya ngena banget eon *ketauan suka nunda2 kerjaan. Berasa disiram aer #disadarin maksudnya ._.

  2. oh! ini kyknya jleb bngt gitu eon, setelah baca ini I feel like I’m wasting so much time! tiba2 jadi mikir juga selama ini apa yg udah aku perbuat… gaaah gomawo eon buat postingan yg bisa membuka mata ini!

    • Wah, syukurlah mahdaa kalo jadi terbuka setelah baca postingan ini.
      aku juga ngerasa udah buang2 waktu selama ini dan jadi mempertanyakan udah dapet apa aja selama ini?
      pokonya, tetap semangat yaa dan jangan lagi menunda2 pekerjaan 🙂

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