The day I was born

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If yesterday was Taemin’s, then today is mine (^o^)/
Kinda strange to tell everybody that today is my birthday, since I’m not teenager anymore.
However, I usually make a post on my birthday. So, even I’m not a teenager anymore, I still have to make this post.kekekek.I confess that it is different than years before where I was really waiting for my birthday. I always think that birthday is a special day for everybody, even the fact is your death is coming soon.

Last year, I was celebrating my birthday with the whole family. Since it was close with Ramadhan, So, on the day, we held family gathering. It is yearly gathering, when the whole big family members come to my grandparent’s house and have lunch together as the last lunch before Ramadhan. Today, it’s kinda very very different. Since the Ramadhan has already come. I’m very glad that on my birthday, I’m onΒ  my fasting ^^

The common wish that people usually have is being better than last year, reaching certain achievements, and everything is gonna be alright. I already tell God what my wishes are. ^^

Thank u my beloved family,friends, colleagues for the birthday’s wishes. Wish to see all of ya, my friends.Β  I miss ya all since we don’t see each other for quite long time πŸ™‚

Oh! Also happy birthday for handsome Sherlock Holmes – Benedict Cumberbatch. His birthday is in July 19 too ^^



14 thoughts on “The day I was born

  1. Saengil chukkae Eun Cha (q´_●`)οΎ‰”β”Œiiii┐ヾ(Β΄β—‹οΌΏ`*)
    wish u all the best yaa ^^

  2. Zhu shengri kuaile, jiejie. Zhu nin jiankang changshou, yongyuan nianqing. ( /^,^)/
    duibuqi, wo chidao le. πŸ˜€
    Semangat buat apapun eonni!! :))

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