King of convenience – Cayman Island (acoustic guitar cover version)

Didn’t I tell you that I’m a fan of King of convenience?
Yup! I love the sound of acoustic guitar in every song of King of convenience. One of my favorite songs is ‘Cayman Island’. I remember how I start to love King of convenience. Thanks to my older sister that she introduced King of convenience to me. It was years, my sister played the song of ‘Cayman Island’. I was falling in love to the acoustic guitar. The song is so simple and also the lyric. Every time I’m listening to this song, I always imagine I’m in Cayman island. Seeing a bearded man who paddles on his canoe. The Cayman Island itself is an island with river or beaches, or something like that. The air is so good, the skies are blue and the day is sunny. Then, I’m riding bicycle with my lover in windy evening day. What a relaxing time.

Here, days ago I found the instrumental version of this song KARMAMAN2009. Wah! I’m so happy! The instrumental version is quite good. I can do karaoke for this song. Yaay! Oh! This instrumental version is highly recommended as a relaxing melody or lullaby. KARMAMAN2009 provided the instrument with pictures of the dream island. Yeah! I know every body will think something like in the picture as Cayman Island. Let’s go to Cayman Island!!! ^^#9


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