Jin – Gone

So, I’m sure you guys already know about this song. Yes! It’s ‘Gone’ from the new comer – Jin.
At first, I saw some news about the MV in my blog’s timeline. So many sites talked about this MV, since Xiumin from EXO plays the main role in this MV.
Then I’m curious about the song and MV. So many articles discuss that there is ‘sadness overloaded’.

I downloaded the song first and walla! I was like “What the hell is this? What kind of song that makes me wanna replay it again and again? It’s so damn ear-catchy!”
I love Jin’s soft and strong vocal. You guys have to listen this song. Highly recommended b^^d

After being soooo damn into the song, I downloaded the MV. I dunno really know about EXO’s members and their personality. Okay, I’m watching EXO’s show time, but I dunno already so into the members. *All I know is Lulu.hahah.*

In the MV, Xiumin’s acting skill is really shocking! I love how he acts like a young-teenager-boy who asks about anything around him and how he falls in love with the blind girl. His movements, expressions, I love all of them!
The last scene of the MV which I’m sure will make you cry like a giant baby for every last second you watch the MV. It is sooo sooo soooo Oh My God! Sadness overloaded. I cried a river when I watched the MV. My God! What the hell you, Xiumin!!!

You really have to watch this, guys!



12 thoughts on “Jin – Gone

    • Aku kebalik. Denger dulu lagunya baru liat Xiumin-nya.heheh.
      Oh iya, instrument-nya blm ada yang clear, aku juga lagi nyari2 sih sebenernya.heheh.
      Wah, Hwayong suka cover sing ya? Aku juga suka, tapi ga di-upload sih suaranya ga enakeun.ahahha.
      Siip, nanti aku main2 ke soundcloud-mu. 😉

  1. Aku juga suka bgt lagu ini!!!
    Tp aku mlh g ngerasain apapun abis liat mv nya ._.v
    Ahh it xiumin yaa aku pikir chanyeol xD
    Yg d.mv nya K.Will kn yaa yg chanyeol?! ._.

  2. yaaaayyyyyy you made it!!!! it’s good to hear your side regarding this song and i really couldn’t agree more 🙂

    I wish next time her agency will make many songs for her since she possess a great talent as a singer…

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