April Mini Haul

April Mini Haul

It’s an unusual thing that I post about my haul. Yes! This kind of thing is beauty bloggers’s stuff. Nyehee ^^v
Actually, I myself tried to be a beauty blogger years ago and failed. I’m easy getting bored and tired of things realated to ‘beatuy blogger’. Lemme tell you briefly what a beauty blogger does. A beauty blogger usually post reviews about latest beauty things she bought, such as make up, toiletries, or even post make up tutorial.
It’s kind of fun to share what you already try and give some suggestions about what to try and not. But really, I’m just kind of tired of taking pictures of every single beauty thing I bought and how does it look/work on me. Edited the pictures and make the review. It’s kind of a long long long journey. I better write fiction.heheh. ^^v

So, go back to the topic. I’d like to talk about my mini haul on April.
As seen on the pictures, there are 4 items.
The red one is dress from Surfer Girl, the yellow one is tanktop from Nevada, the eau de toilette is from Silky Girl, and eye angled brush is from Tammia.

  1. IMG_20140409_193737IMG_20140409_193754
    The dress may look ordinary. But it’s magnificient for me! I love the ribbon shaped style on the back of the dress, looks so sexy ^^! Ah, fyi, some stuffs of Surfer Girls are on sale. It’s 50% + 10% just for today if you show the prove that you took part in the election day.
  2. IMG_20140409_194041
    It’s just an ordinary tanktop in yellow. I bought this for my underwear. The brand is Nevada, it’s the brand from Matahari Dept.store. It is also 50% discount 🙂


  3. Days ago, since my body mist almost reach the end of the bottle ^^v I think of buying a new one. I usually change my perfume, it doesn’t mean I’m easy getting bored with perfume. I always think to have a special scent of mine, so when people around me smell it, they know that it’s me. But I have a very strong memory, and scent usually give  me a memory to a moment where I smell the scent for the first time. Sometimes, it remains me of bad memories T^T
    So, this is eau de toilette from Silkygirl. I choose the fruity scent in apple delite. The smell is so good, fresh, and I love the smell of green apple! The price is reasonable, and i got 10% discount for showing my tinted little finger.heheh.

  4. IMG_20140409_194116
    This! Eye angled brush. What I really want to have since I fall in love with make up. Many beauty blogger who made video tutorial on youtube usually use this kind of brush to apply eye shadow. The angled brush also helps us to apply eye shadow well and made kind of wings. Finally, I found this brush! A good quality with affordable price. It’s Rp.20.900 and I got disc 10% for showing my tinted little finger. Nyah! 🙂


So, that’s all my mini haul for April.  Actually, days ago I bought eye base from La Tulipe. But, I forget to include the eye base on the picture *sorry* ^^v

I do love shopping, it relieves stress, especially when there are so many sale and discounts! .hahah. I’m sure all of you love discount, rite?
Can’t wait for next month haul, I think I’ll buy some cosmetics.heheh. ^^


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