Surat Untuk Sahabat

Dear my little freaking best friends,

Best friends quotation

I’m not a best friend yet, but I’ll always try to be your best friend.
I’ll always be the one who listens to your pointless dramas and never get tired of it.
I’ll always walk by your side, no matter what happens or what people say about you.
I’ll be the one who knows all of your weaknesses and still loves you just the way you are.

I’ll be the one who walks in to you when the rest of the world walk out.
I’ll look at you without judgement in my eyes,
I know you made mistakes but I’ll accept you as being human and help you right the wrongs.

I’ll be the one who ;
Fights for you
Respects you
Includes you
Encourages you
Needs you
Deserves you
Stands by you

Thanks for being my best friends.
Thanks for the support you give, the trust you have, the smile you show, and the courage you share.
You are truly great!
I love you 🙂




NJ’s note : Special for my best friends who forgive my pointless and still stand beside me as usual.


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